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Todd R. Walsh and ACI Quoted in Dow Jones Newswires

Todd R. Walsh and ACI were quoted in Dow Jones Newswires just prior to the announcement from the Federal Reserve on November 1, 2023 and accurately predicted Fed messaging about tightening financial conditions. Here is what the wire stated below:

“Volatility Will Remain If Fed Is ‘Tone Deaf’ — Market Talk.

1432 ET – Markets will remain volatile unless the Fed changes the higher-for-longer rhetoric to a more data-dependent stance during Chair Powell’s Q&A, says Todd Walsh, from Alpha Cubed Investments. He says the recent increase in Treasury yields ‘is equivalent to as many as 3-4 additional Fed rate hikes.’ Walsh adds the Fed can’t be ‘tone deaf,’ to the market. ‘If the Fed listens to the message of the markets and states they are going to become much more data dependent then we should see a recovery in the broader markets generally,’ Walsh says. ‘If not, expect more volatility.’ The FOMC kept rates unchanged.”