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We follow a research-driven framework based on fundamental and technical analysis with the goal of generating attractive returns relative to an appropriate benchmark. We use a dynamic, three-step investment process—fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and risk management—and adjust allocations to market sectors and/or specific securities, depending on market conditions and the specific client mandate. We pride ourselves on creating individualized approaches for each of our clients based on their unique needs, and we offer the ability to customize portfolios.
We perform the majority of our management in-house and use various approaches across the risk/reward spectrum to adapt to a variety of situations and attempt to meet each individual client’s financial goals. These strategies range from pure fixed income portfolios, with individual bonds sourced from a variety of sources, to individual stock-based portfolios, focusing on growth, dividends, or both.

In our strategies with a longer investment horizon, we employ a dynamic buy-and-manage approach, as opposed to the typical buy-and-hold. When valuations appear stretched, we may increase our levels of cash across all of our strategies to raise our margin of safety, which leads back to our core tenet of risk management. Our goal is to be appropriately invested at each phase of the investment cycle. We want our clients to be able to sleep at night, knowing that they have a partner that is looking out for their best interests.

“We give our clients a fighting chance!”™