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Todd R. Walsh on the Schwab Network/NYSE Floor – Market Analysis

Todd R. Walsh CEO of Alpha Cubed Investments was invited to appear live from the NYSE floor on the Schwab Network Friday to provide a timely market update in which we broke news with our analysis on current market conditions. CEO, Todd R. Walsh, walked investors through our view that the rapid increase in interest rates is causing a market tantrum similar to 2018 before the famous Fed “pause,” then “pivot.” We believe that the recent increase in interest rates generally is equivalent to as many as 3-4 additional Fed rate hikes, and the Fed needs to listen to the message of the markets, which seems to be: slow down the rate hikes and declare that the Fed is now more data dependent, as the lagging indicators they watch continue to show that no more rate hikes are needed. Please click on the link below to see the full interview with Nicole Petallides live on Schwab Network from the NYSE floor on Friday, 10/27/2023.

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