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ACI CEO Todd R. Walsh Recently Quoted in The Wall Street Journal

ACI CEO Todd R. Walsh was recently quoted in The Wall Street Journal. Here is an excerpt from the article below:

“The alternatives, for those looking to get out of money markets, all have drawbacks. Many other bond and savings yields also move with interest rates, and appear to be declining from their peaks last year. The S&P and Dow both hit records Tuesday, making further gains from here difficult.

‘We’re at all-time highs. Don’t throw it all in today,’ said Todd Walsh, chief executive of California investment advisory firm Alpha Cubed Investments.

Financial advisers say the key in moments like this is to lay the groundwork to make steady changes over time. If you believe now is the time to take money out of money markets, don’t do it all at once. Try dollar-cost averaging, where you invest small portions in set time intervals into U.S. stocks or foreign stocks or any of many alternatives.

Staying put could also pay off given money-market funds and bonds are still returning over 5% in many cases.”

“While the S&P 500 surged last year, technology stocks drove much of the growth. Now, there are signs that some lower-profile sectors are set for a rally, analysts say, potentially even in a shorter time frame.

Value stocks, often stocks that have lower prices relative to their earnings, have been rising since late last year.

‘That’s a new trade and that trade has legs,’ said Walsh.” – Wall Street Journal

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