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Risk Management

We look at money management through the prism of both asset growth and risk management. In one of our programs, we employ an active Tactical Allocation methodology that attempts to be more heavily invested in the stock markets when we view the probabilities of success as being at their highest.*

All investments in the stock market have a high level of risk associated with them. Many of these risks cannot be eliminated. One of the tools that we sometimes employ in our Tactical Growth program to manage risk is the use of stop alerts for some positions in our discretionary accounts. We will also adjust exposure to factors like dividend levels, betas, and overall asset allocation within a portfolio to attempt to better manage risk. Events like earnings or other corporate announcements, global instability, and many other events that happen during or after market hours can still create vulnerability to large swings in the market and potential losses.

We encourage you to consider how you are managing risk to help build and preserve the assets in your investment account. Contact us to review your portfolio and determine what steps can be taken right now to better manage risk.

*Alpha Cubed Investments manages a variety of different programs across the risk and return spectrum, including both tactical and more static, "buy and hold" programs, which have generally less trading activity.